Pre-owned equipment

Used 10 HP, Atlas Copco, model GX7FF, s/n: ITJ314368, air cooled, tank mounted compressor pkg. with integrated refrigerated air dryer.

Rated: 35 cfm @ 145 psi.

575/3/60 electrics.     Approx. 5944 hours.


Pre-owned equipment

Used 50 HP, Variable Speed – Atlas Copco, model GA37VSD+FF, s/n:API832551, air cooled variable speed compressor pkg. with integrated dryer, Elektronikon Mark V graphic control, SMARTLink monitoring system.

Rated: 36 -216 cfm @ 140 psi.

575/3/60 electrics. Approx. 5121 hours.


Pre-owned equipment

Used 75 HP – Atlas Copco, model GA55P, s/n: AII474982 air cooled compressor pkg. with Elektronikon Mark IV control. No warranty available.

575/3/60 electrics. Approx. 100,860 hours.


Pre-owned equipment

Used Domnick Hunter mod. CRD700 refrigerated air dryer rated for 700 cfm at 100 psi.      s/n: 2181870001

460/3/60 electrics c/w 575v transformer.


Pre-owned equipment

New Nano Purification mod. NXC-0265 cycling refrigerated air dryer rated for 265 cfm at 100 psi. Unit has slight cabinet damage. Full factory warranty. s/n: 2181870001

575/3/60 electrics.


Pre-owned equipment

Used Atlas Copco mod. CD110+ regenerative air dryer with electronic controller, rated for 233 cfm @ 100 psi. Comes with pre and after filters, newer elements. Approx 15,000 hrs. Prior Trident rental.

115/1/60 electrics


Pre-owned equipment

Used Nano Purification mod. NDL-060 regenerative air dryer rated for 23 cfm at 100 psi.   s/n: 19-J339-02

115/1/60 electrics.


  • All applicable taxes are extra.
  • All equipment is FOB our location.
  • All equipment is subject to availability and prior sale.
  • Standard 90 Day Warranty applies, unless otherwise stated.