Benefits of Oil Free Air Compressors

cost-efficient harmful emissions oil free air compressor

Compressed air comes in contact with nearly everything in your production facility, including your finished products. The International Standards Organization’s ISO 8573-1 specifies the purity classes of compressed air in terms of particles, water, and oil content. Class 0, which is the most stringent of the classes guarantees that the compressed air will contain less than 0.01 mg/m3 of total oil. Certain businesses, such as pharmaceutical, medical, electronics, textiles, or food and beverage manufacturing are required to achieve Class 0 purity levels. This is because preventing oil contamination in their air supply helps them protect product integrity and comply with environmental safety norms.

Have you adopted the purity levels that are in line with the risk tolerance levels of your industrial processes? If you are aiming for class 0 purity levels for your compressed air systems, consider switching to an oil-free air compressor.

Maximize the Advantages of Oil-Free Air Compressors

  1. Eliminate Risk of Contamination: The easiest solution for preventing end-product contamination is ensuring that your air stream remains oil-free. Oil-free air compressors can help you:
    • Prevent product integrity issues and product recalls
    • Avoid reputational damage and financial losses
    • Prevent any risk to the health of your end consumers
  2. Reduce Maintenance and Replacement Costs: The traces of oil left behind by oil-lubricated compressors can cause build-up on your pneumatic equipment, as well as other machinery and assets. This could lead to expensive cleaning or frequent equipment downtime. Oil-free air compressors can potentially save you thousands of dollars in maintenance, repairs, and replacements.
  3. Lower Energy Costs: Typically, energy costs contribute more than 75% of the total lifecycle costs of an air compressor. Oil-flooded machines require several oil filters and oil separators for keeping the air supply clean. Each of these items contributes to a lower air pressure delivery downstream in the plant, making your compressor work harder to maintain the desired pressure. Oil-free air compressors eliminate this aspect, ensuring greater efficiencies and lower energy costs.
  4. Minimize Environmental Impact: An average oil-flooded rotary screw compressor requires 55 gallons of oil every six to twelve months during a routine oil change. Additionally, you may incur costs on the safe disposal of the oil and oil-contaminated condensate to remain compliant with the applicable regulatory requirements and industry-specific guidelines. Oil-free compressors do not need oil as part of the compression process, which means, you may have to change the oil only once every two to three years. Essentially, oil-free air compressors will give you a clean, cost-efficient source of air supply, eliminate harmful emissions, and help you conserve natural resources.

Invest in a Cost-Efficient Oil-Free Air Compressor Today

Every conscientious manufacturing business explores options for lowering operating costs, improving product quality, and minimizing the environmental footprint. In this context, more and more industries are switching to oil-free air compressors for avoiding the risk of oil contamination in the air supply. Besides the industries where oil-free air compressors have become an absolute must-have, several other businesses have started acknowledging their benefits as well. At Trident Air Compressor, we have over 30 years of experience in delivering world-class compressed air solutions to a cross-section of industries. We believe oil-free air compressors will help you save time and money and improve the bottom line for your business. Our certified technical experts would be happy to evaluate your existing systems and advise you on suitable oil-free air compressors, or even custom-build a package for your facility.

Switch to a cost-efficient, environment-friendly, oil-free air compressor today.  Call us at (519) 737-9905 or fill out our online form to learn more about our wide range of products and services. Our service department is on call 24 hours a day and we are eager to help answer any questions or concerns you may have about your equipment.