Main Function of Vacuum Pumps

What Is the Main Function of a Vacuum Pump?

When you are running the front lines of your industrial or scientific company, you need equipment that works correctly every time. Whether it is in manufacturing electronics or pharmaceuticals, you will probably use a vacuum pump. These handy pieces of equipment make sure you can get your products and services completed for your customers. We often take some tools for granted, not realizing what they do and how they apply to our industries.

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Understanding the Function of a Vacuum Pump

When we understand the function of those tools we work with, we can save time and money when we need to replace parts. The same holds for vacuum pumps. Here is a primer on this essential and critical equipment:

  1. It removes air or gas particles. The primary function is to remove air and gas particles from a container. This creates a vacuum.
  2. It has many industrial applications. The applications are almost endless. It is often used in electronics manufacturing, like for CRT tubes, semiconducting materials, and glass coating. Vacuum pumps are also used in scientific research like electron microscopy, radiotherapy, and pharmaceutical processes.

Categories of Vacuum Pumps

Based on the type of vacuum creation process, the categories of vacuum pumps include:

  • Diaphragm type – used in very low volume, non high vacuum, applications such as laboratories, distortion testing, etc.
  • Oil less reciprocating – you will find these variations of the reciprocating compressor in many industrial applications.
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
  • Rotary vane – utilizing oil less carbon vanes to create vacuum for low volume applications such as industrial cutting, printing, laboratory, and prototyping operations.
  • Lubricated and oil free rotary screwused in many industrial plants, oil and gas industry, and petro chemical industry with variable speed drive versions available.
  • Liquid Ring – A few versions use a liquid, water, or gas. It works by using the liquid to create vacuum pressure. This category is often found in the paper, coal, pharmaceutical, textile, and oil refinery industries.
  • Two-Stage Water Ring – High vacuum pressure is obtained by using a second stage to overcome the limitations of a traditional single-stage pump. This pump type extends the capacity of the vacuum by 50% while reducing power consumption found in single-stage water ring pumps.
  • Chemical Process – You will find these pumps in chemical process houses, pharmaceuticals, and process industries. You will see these used for cooling towers and heating and air conditioning plants.

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