The Benefits of an On-Site Nitrogen Generator

on-site nitrogen generators

Nitrogen gas has long been used for a wide variety of industrial applications all over the world. As a result, on-site nitrogen generators have become increasingly common in workplaces that rely on a steady supply of pure nitrogen. Unlike delivered cylinders from a nitrogen plant manufacturer, nitrogen generation is designed to offer you an unlimited amount of nitrogen on demand.  For many industries, nitrogen is one of the most essential gases and for those that use nitrogen on a large scale; delivered cylinders are not the safest, nor are they the most efficient method of incorporating nitrogen gas into your daily operations. Instead, having a nitrogen generator is much more reliable, convenient and advantageous than the traditional means of supplying this instrument gas.

5 Reasons to Consider On-Site Nitrogen Generation

One of the most effective methods of supplying industrial nitrogen gas is with a nitrogen generator. From food packaging to pharmaceuticals, nitrogen gas is a necessity for many businesses and there are several benefits of producing your own nitrogen on-site, rather than having it delivered from a third-party supplier. Here are five reasons why nitrogen generation is more beneficial for your business in the long term:

  1. Cost-Effective: Handling nitrogen cylinders is not only a hassle but it can also cost you a lot more than you are willing to pay over time. Costs associated with delivered nitrogen include tank rentals, administration costs and delivery charges, not to mention, you are likely to experience a product loss of up to 10% during transport. Even taking into account the capital costs of a nitrogen generator, you can expect to see a return on investment in as little as nine to 24 months depending on your existing equipment.
  2. Workplace Safety: Unloading high pressure liquid nitrogen cylinders into your workplace puts your employees at risk for injury or even death. It is not an easy operation and increases the risk of mishandling the gas. Eliminate these risks by investing in an on-site nitrogen generator. You can produce and store your own supply of nitrogen at the desired pressure your applications require.
  3. Reduces Downtime: If you outsource your nitrogen supply, delays in ordering or shipping may affect daily operations, causing you to slow down or even shut down production until you are able to operate again. By generating your own nitrogen, you are in control of your supply and therefore, eliminate any wait times associated with unreliable third-party deliveries.
  4. Save Energy Resources: Reduce your energy consumption by getting exactly what you need when you need it. A nitrogen plant supplier will typically convert nitrogen gas into liquid nitrogen and this process usually requires a lot of energy. Therefore, having an on-site nitrogen generator is much more energy-efficient and there is no need to convert gas into liquid.
  5. Minimize Environmental Impact: The process of converting nitrogen gas into liquid for transportation is not only dangerous but it is extremely wasteful. Now more than ever before, consumers are investing in companies that can prove they are socially and environmentally responsible. Reduce your carbon footprint while lowering operational costs by using an on-site nitrogen generator. Eliminating constant deliveries will ultimately have a lasting impact on your employees, customers and community as a whole.

Find the Perfect Nitrogen Generator for Your Business  

Shifting to on-site nitrogen generation can provide your business with a perfect opportunity to save on costs, improve your manufacturing capabilities and also ensure a more environmentally friendly future. It’s time to change the status quo and consider a nitrogen generator from Trident Compressed Air. If you want to benefit from the continuous availability of the nitrogen you require and avoid the interruptions caused by high pressure cylinder deliveries, consider investing in an on-site nitrogen generator. We offer silent and compact nitrogen generators that are ready to be installed to your compressed air source by one of our certified and experienced technicians. Increase your profitability, reliability and sustainability simply by switching to an on-site nitrogen generator and producing your own nitrogen gas on demand.

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