What is Nitrogen Used for in Various Industrial Sectors?

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Nitrogen gas is one of the most common elements found in the air around us and makes up a significant portion of the earth’s atmosphere. As a result, in its pure form it is often used in both liquid and vapour (gas) state to carry out a variety of tasks. However, you may be wondering what makes it so special. Nitrogen possesses a number of unique properties, including its ability to form multiple bonds with other elements and compounds. This has made it an extremely versatile resource. Today, nitrogen plays a significant role in our day-to-day lives in terms of its use in various industries from electronics to food packaging and more.

How Nitrogen is Used for these 5 Industrial Applications

In the past, most businesses acquired nitrogen in gas or liquid form through a third-party supplier. Nitrogen was stored and delivered in bulk cylinders to help meet the growing demands of this natural resource. Even so, successful businesses began to realize the impact that relying on these deliveries had, not only on their daily operations, but also to the wider community. Read on to take a closer look at all the ways nitrogen is used in different industrial applications and how an on-site industrial nitrogen generator can offer your business a better solution to traditional delivered nitrogen methods:

  • Food Industry: Nitrogen gas plays a very important role in the food packaging process. When applied along with carbon dioxide, nitrogen creates a modified atmosphere that prevents fresh packaged foods from spoiling due to oxidative damage. When exposed to oxygen, food is more susceptible to decay but displacing it with pure nitrogen can help prevent this from happening too quickly.
  • Electronics Industry: Nitrogen gas is often applied during the manufacturing process of various electronics and is used inside these devices as well. For instance, it is used in the CPUs of computers to prevent them from overheating and in the fire suppression systems of other I.T equipment.
  • Manufacturing Industry: In the manufacturing industry, due to its extremely low temperature which can be as low as -196’C, nitrogen gas or liquid is used for shrink fittings, where a steel insert can be shrunk sufficiently to easily be inserted into its respective bore. It reverts to its original size once the temperature returns to normal and as the steel insert expands, a tight connection is made that may not have been achieved otherwise. Nitrogen also plays a part in a number of advanced technologies such as laser cutting of aluminum and stainless steel as well as other manufacturing processes.
  • Steel Industry: Nitrogen gas is used to purge or remove impurities as well as being wrought into the actual steel compound as a binding element during the manufacturing process of stainless and other types of steel. It is also often used as a shield gas which helps to protect technological processes against oxidation.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Nitrogen gas is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. It is so commonly used that it can be found in every major pharmacological drug class which includes drugs like antibiotics. It is also used as an anesthetic and is used in the lab for the process of cryopreservation to preserve various biological specimens.

Reliable, Affordable Servicing for Your Compressed Air System

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